H-Hey I'm known as Len. I go by YandereLen or TsundereLen. I'm a multi Fandomer, I like Elsword, vocaloids, Free! and other animes I just cant think of rn xD My main's are a TT and DC. On the Elsword VOID server my IGN is LenKagamine or KagamineLen one for my TT and the other for my DC. ^^ On the KR Server my IGN is TsundereLen on my TT and my DC is YandereLen.  A-anyways that's all I have to say for now I guess. >/->;;;;; Stahp staring at mah page *hides face* It makes me embarrassed. <3

 TsundereLen; Original creator of Vertex and Adam  *Original creator of Plata Devante Darkblade the hedgehog and the Tron styled suit for Tron Silver -(For people on DA in case they don't know it xD)


Yes… I drew my Tactical Trooper…. u w u………icantartproperlywithamouseokay
Next Imma try and Draw aoidimitri ‘s DC and etudity ‘s IP in a chung Trinity group pic .3. ……If I don’t rage quit again that is..

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